Psst. Let Me Show You a Cutie.

Take a Peek at the Beautiful and Sleek Cover Design for the Twenty-20 Anthology

A few weeks ago, I put out a call for submissions to Twenty-20 anthology.

Twenty-20 was created in an endeavour to chronicle the outgoing year.

The year was not just a year. It’s dramatic year.

A wildly eventful year.

2020 opens up a new decade in a big, surprising, shocking way.

None of us expected what we were presented with.

But we meuve!

Twenty-20 anthology will be published a few days before Christmas.

Hearty narrations from 12 contributors across the country.

Touchy. Feely. Deep. Pure. Honest.

Stories about this year. It’s pain, pleasure.

The lessons.

I can’t wait to show you what we’ve created.

However, as a teaser, I want to show you something.

The very beautiful cover design I created for the anthology.

Three versions of the design were made.

About 35 people voted for the best.

Majority votes (90%+) goes to the winning design.

And indeed, as you will see, the Majority is not wrong.

I invite you to share this design across social media.

Spread the news. Let more people know about Twenty-20.

As you share, also watch this space for the release of the anthology.

It promises to be an interesting read from start to finish.

Till then, please stay safe.


Tope Akintayo