How to Contribute to the Twenty-20 Story

Whether you are a write or not, you can be a part of the success of this project. Here is how.

I sent you a message yesterday inviting you to contribute to Twenty-20 Anthology, our forthcoming collection of personal stories and lessons inspired by the 2020: a year that has dealt with each and everyone of us world citizens in different ways—both painful and pleasurable, arguably.

This project is important because it calls individuals to look deep into the past few months and reflect.

Who were you at the beginning of this year? Who are you now? And how did the events you experienced throughout this year contribute to the person you have become?

Contribute as a Writer

If you are a writer, consider contributing to this anthology through writing.

Follow the link below to read more about contributing (submission form is also on the page):

Contribute as a Non-Writer

If you are not a writer, please consider sharing this project on your social media pages:

  1. Share this link on Facebook, Twitter…

  2. Share this flyer on WhatsApp, Instragram…

Whichever way you go about it, your contribution is greatly appreciated and I can’t wait to share the final result with you!

Best Regards,

Tope Akintayo.